Innovative Stem Technology for Aesthetics

At The Stem Cell Doctors of Beverly Hills, we are putting science back into cosmetic and functional procedures. The field of medicine has always been scientifically driven, and we take this knowledge and apply it to aesthetic procedures.

Research and advancements in technology have afforded us the opportunity to guard against illness and disease. Our life expectancy and quality of life have improved.Cosmetic procedures rarely get the same attention. But advances in regenerative medicine that help against illness and disease can also benefit the appearance of our body.

Using Stem Cells, Platelet Rich Plasma, and Shockwave Therapy In Aesthetic and Medical Treatments.

The use of stem cell technology has changed the trajectory of medical science. New, life-saving medical treatments have provided doctors and medical professionals the opportunity to cure or manage conditions previously untreatable. A prolific treatment using adult stem cells is bone marrow transplantation. Additional treatments aimed at reversing brain disorders and spinal cord injuries have shown promise.

Platelets are also a primary healing component of blood in addition to the multiple growth factors present in plasma. Platelets normally respond to injured tissue by clotting the blood and releasing more growth factors that also aid in healing. Treatments to muscle and ligament injuries have been done using plasma along with a higher concentration of platelets, also known as PRP or platelet rich plasma.  Further research is being done regarding its ability to help with inflammation and arthritis.

Acoustic shockwave therapy (SWT) are applied locally to stimulate stem cells to replicate, release growth factors, and increase formation of new blood vessels and nerves. It has successfully been used to treat muscle and joint injuries, scars, open wounds, and erectile dysfunction.


Doctors and scientists began to look at how that same technology could be used to enhance one’s appearance by performing cosmetic procedures. Through regenerative medicine procedures (like those performed at the Stem Cell Doctors), patients can now address and correct facial imperfections, signs of aging across the entire body, and even conditions associated with sexual wellness. In these procedures, stem cells are specifically directed to areas of the body in need of regenerative support.  Injected stem cells target the damaged or injured tissues and cells to promote healing and stimulate the body’s natural restoration responses. At Stem Cell Doctors of Beverly Hills, we are unique in also combining shockwave therapy with other stem cell treatments to individualize  and achieve your goals. Used in tandem, these therapies, frequently in conjunction with platelet rich plasma, ensure that the body’s regenerative properties are being used effectively for your wellness and aesthetic enhancement.

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