Direct Stem Cell Therapies

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Stem cells, have the ability to heal and restore based on their ability to promote healthy cell growth. Stem Cell Doctors of Beverly Hills is unique in its ability to utilize a vast choice of stem cell therapy options. Biocellular therapies use various combinations of SVF (stromal vascular fraction or pure stem cells), nanofat (liquified fat with stem cells), UCST (umbilical cord stem cells therapy), PRP (platelet rich plasma), and SWT (shockwave therapy) to restore or regenerate areas of the body. The procedures use a combination of cells including adult mesenchymal stem cells, multiple other stem cell types, various growth factors, and a structural lattice to stimulate tissue healing. Stem cells with or without PRP are injected into areas of the body that are suffering inflammation, scarring, or disease. SWT can be used alone to stimulate healing or in combination with stem cell injections.

What Are Stem Cells and How do they Work?

Stem cells are relatively undifferentiated cells found throughout the body, but are in high concentrations in fat. There are many different types of stem cells but adult mesenchymal stem cells are the highest percentage type used in most stem cell therapies. They are able to replicate themselves to heal damaged tissue in the area of the body they inhabit. But depending on the cell type, they can also undergo a process called differentiation, in which they can become cells targeted to a specific function. For example, instead of replicating as stem cells, they can become a skin cell or blood vessel cell. This process opens up multiple opportunities for doctors and scientists to explore.

How Are Stem Cells Harvested?

While stem cells are prevalent in various places in the body (like bone marrow), they occur in much higher numbers in adipose fat tissue. This makes fat a valuable source for stem cell collection, which can be obtained by a minor liposuction procedure that is easy to perform. The cells are then prepared for introduction into diseased tissue via direct injection or intravenous infusion throughout the body.

What is Shockwave Therapy?

Low intensity acoustic shockwave therapy (UCST) is an exciting modality. The painless application of shockwaves to tissues stimulates stem cells to duplicate and migrate and to release exosomes and growth factors. This causes the formation of new blood vessels to increase blood supply and cause nerves to regenerate. The MTS Spark Wave™

machine that we use is the state-of-the art. SWT can be used alone or in combination with local injections of stem cells or PRP.

What Is the Potential?

Studies have shown that the UCST and SVF infusions may fight against conditions caused by aging, improve many chronic diseases, and give the patient an energy boost with feelings of improved wellness. The stem cells migrate throughout the body to areas of injury or disease and stimulate local stem cells to heal.  Multiple sclerosis, autoimmune diseases, and other chronic illnesses may improve with systemic stem cell injections. In other words, scientific advancements can now allow your own body cells to be easily prepared to heal yourself. These infusions are considered experimental and are not used as a first line treatment.

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