Hand Rejuvenation Treatments

The hands are a window to one’s age. It’s true of men as well as women. One of the first places aging becomes evident is your hands, which can quickly lose their youthful appearance due to sun spots, wrinkles, hollowing, loss of skin elasticity, and abnormal pigmentation. There’s very little you can do to conceal these visible signs of aging—gloves can’t be worn year-round, after all—but at Stem Cell Doctors of Beverly Hills, you can find a more lasting solution, and a way to once again have youthful-looking hands.

Our providers are pleased to offer clients access to CELLSTHETICS™ injections. Here’s how they work: CELLSTHETICS™ injections into the skin include nanofat, which is essentially a concentration of stem cells in emulsified fatty tissue. The stem cells trigger the body’s ability to heal and repair itself and can have a potent effect in reversing the signs of aging in your hands. Pigmentation changes and wrinkles are improved. Microfat, which are intact fat cells, is injected and actually fills out your hands, mitigating the “hollowing” effect that many people experience as they get older.

What to Expect from the Process

As with any of our stem cell treatments, the first step is simply sitting down with us for a friendly, confidential consultation. We’ll chat with you about what you’re hoping to achieve and present you some of the solutions that best fit your objectives.

If you do decide on CELLSTHETICS™ injections for your hands, the procedure itself is simple.  If done in the Stem Cell Center, the process is conducted under local anesthesia along with the use of a safe nitrous and oxygen mixture called ProNox. If you prefer, mild sedation or general anesthesia can be given in our adjacent, accredited operating room. First, we will liposuction some fat from the body, since fat has a high number of stem cells, which have a rejuvenating effect on the skin.  Some fat is prepared as microfat whereas other fat is emulsified into nanofat with a high concentration of stem cells.  The microfat is injected deeper to fill the hollow areas, whereas nanofat is injected into or just under the skin to improve skin quality.

All of this is done in about an hour’s time, and the postoperative discomfort is minimal.

Get the Youthful Hands You’ve Wanted

It can be demoralizing when your body starts to show pronounced signs of aging—but with the right treatment, you can often minimize these signs. If your hands are starting to show some wear, we invite you to learn more about some of the stem cell and nanofat treatments that are available to you. Contact Stem Cell Doctors of Beverly Hills today to schedule a consultation with us.

Additional Regenerative Services

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