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Published Works

Take a look at some of the published work our doctors have written and contributed to. 

Modern medicine is truly amazing to behold.  Seemingly every day, new and innovative treatments and therapies are introduced—and while in years’ past many of these remedies might have felt out of reach for many patients, today, the opposite is true.  Never have individuals had so many affordable and accessible medical strategies available to them—and the…

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The idea of a face lift can be intimidating to many people.  The sheer thought of going under the knife, enduring surgery, and having to deal with a long recovery time is a lot to digest—let alone the expense associated with the procedure.  However, what if we told you that all of the worries you…

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It is estimated that American men and women, as a whole, spend between one billion and four billion dollars annually on treatments to counter hair loss and thinning.  Impacting almost 60 million people in the United States alone, it’s important to understand that there is no one individual cause or reason why some people experience…

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Regenerative and Innovative treatments that help your body restore itself. Life won’t wait for you to feel better.

No single approach is right for everyone. Our team of Doctors strengths are the ability to make clinical judgments determined by the specific needs and desires of each patient. If your interested in speaking with one of our doctors contact us today to schedule a consultation.


Looking for a great plastic surgeon in the area? Stem Cell Doctors of Beverly Hills is lead by renowned Plastic Surgeon Dr. Gary Alter.

Dr. Alter is a pioneer in Plastic and reconstructive surgery and an expert in genital reconstruction. Dr. Alter is one of the handful of US physicians who is certified in both plastic surgery and urology.


All natural solutions for Men and Women. Learn how your own body and help restore your youthful glow.

The NEW Stem Cell Doctors of Beverly Hills specialize in regenerative medicine, through treatments designed to rejuvenate you through of the use of your own stem cells, Platelet Rich Plasma and laser light.


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