Regenerative Therapy forSkin Repair

As the body ages, the effects can be seen from head to toe.By employing BioCellular Therapy to combat these signs of aging, Dr. Alter provides patients the ability to look (and feel!) younger than ever by stimulating natural collagen production and tissue regeneration.

Stem cells have the ability to develop into other types of specialized cells. When the body is injured or diseased, chemical factors are released and stem cells migrate into the area to develop into the other types of cells or to stimulate the diseased cells to heal. Recent advancements in technology have made it possible to not only direct stem cells to specific locations in the body but to also increase the number of stem cells in the area. BioCellular Therapy is the use of stromal vascular fraction (SVF), which includes stem cells and other cell types, along with platelet-rich plasma (PRP)to regenerate areas of your body. This regenerative therapy has been found extremely effective in combating the signs of aging and curing disease.

Regional Procedures

Dr. Alter uses BioCellular Regenerative Therapy that combines fat grafting (SVF) with platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Fat is extracted from the body using minimally invasive liposuction under local anesthesia along with the use of safe nitrous oxide gas anesthesia. Once extracted, the fat is broken down to allow easy application of the SVF including stem cells. These cells are then reintroduced into the specific treatment site, where they begin working at regenerating or repairing damaged tissue. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) also aids in tissue healing, and its inclusion in the treatment further bolsters its success. Plasma is extracted from the blood after a simple blood draw. It is then prepared in a proprietary process and injected along with the stem cells and SVF into the treatment site. These therapies work in tandem to effectively combat the signs of aging in multiple parts of the body. If the patient needs volume, a combination of larger fat injections, SVF including stem cells, and PRP are all injected into the area.


The face often has the most obvious signs of aging. BioCellular Therapy can address a tired, aged appearance by adding fullness, restoring natural contours and definition, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, and removing dark circles under the eyes.


Sagging around the neck can result in deep wrinkles and aged skin. Through BioCellular Therapy, Dr. Alter can reduce the deep lines and the effects of sun damage on the neck.

Chest and Breasts

The skin on the chest and shoulders often shows a lot of sun damage. BioCellular Therapy with injection of (SVF) stem cells and PRP restores the youthful, smooth appearance of the skin. Much of the wrinkling and looseness of the skin between the breasts is improved.


The skin on the hands is much thinner than the skin on the face, and thus, it shows the effects of decreased collagen production and fat loss much sooner. Constantly exposed to the elements, the hands can age quickly. With the use of PRP and (SVF) stem cell with fat transfer, Dr. Alter can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, rejuvenate the skin, and restore fullness to the hands.

Hair Restoration

Hair growth slows down, but BioCellular Therapy can stimulate dormant hair follicles to aid in hair production. Many doctors use PRP alone to improve hair growth in men and women. However, the use of PRP plus (SVF) stem cells is even more effective than either of them alone. BioCellular Therapy contains growth factors that not only promote hair growth but also impede hair loss.


Depending on the area, one treatment may be all that is necessary; however, Dr. Alter may recommend multiple treatments after determining your customized treatment plan.

Systemic Cellular Treatments

New techniques allow us to isolate the multiple (SVF) stem cell types without other tissue from your own fat, which can then be intravenously injected throughout your body. Studies have shown that pure SVF and stem cell IV injections may fight against aging, improve many systemic diseases and conditions, and give the patient an energy boost. This procedure is done according to strict FDA government regulations. Multiple sclerosis, auto-immune diseases, and other chronic illnesses have been shown to improve with systemic fat injections. This is the most exciting area of stem cell therapy. We believe that it will completely change medicine in the next 20 years.

The procedure is essentially painless. Fat is liposuctioned, prepared according to strict protocol, and then injected through an IV. The SVF and stem cells search throughout the body for areas of inflammation or disease. Everything is done with safe nitrous oxide gas and local anesthesia. The procedure only takes a relatively short time. Safety is our primary concern. Patients should be reassured that the intravenous injection of the (SVF) stem cells is done using an Investigative Research Board (IRB), which follows FDA guidelines. All patients are followed to verify results.

“The important point is that everything injected is from you to you to treat you! No foreign chemicals, no foreign tissues!”

Additional Regenerative Services

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