About Stephanie Potkin

A seasoned healthcare professional with both administrative and clinical experience, Stephanie serves as the R.N Nurse and Aesthetician.

Stephanie Potkin

R.N. Nurse and Aesthetician

Graduated from Hartnell School of Nursing, cum laude in 2016. Her background is in aesthetic nursing and critical care. Currently enrolled in an accelerated BSN-MSN program with an ultimate goal of becoming a Nurse Practitioner specializing in aesthetics. Her current aesthetic training specializes in microneedling, PRP injections for hair growth, Botox, and medical grade skin care. She is very passionate about all things skincare and is happy to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.


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No single approach is right for everyone. Our team of Doctors strengths are the ability to make clinical judgments determined by the specific needs and desires of each patient. If your interested in speaking with one of our doctors contact us today to schedule a consultation.


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