Acoustic SoftWave® Therapy

Achieve long-lasting healing and pain relief—whether you suffer from chronic joint and muscle pain to scar tissue and female/male genital issues.

We are proud to offer the innovative TRT OrthoGold 100™ SoftWave® machine as a non-invasive solution for a variety of ailments. The OrthoGold 100™ is the most effective acoustic shockwave machine available in the United States and has been used for most of the studies showing the efficacy of shockwave technology.

Using low-intensity, acoustic shockwaves, the OrthoGold 100™, when applied to an area of damaged tissues, stimulates stem cells to divide and release exosomes and healing factors. This can lead to near-immediate pain relief, new vessel formation, regeneration of nerve fibers, and collagen production. Direct application of the acoustic pulses is used for treating a variety of medical issues from muscle and joint pain to erectile dysfunction, female genital discomfort, acute and chronic open wounds, scar tissue, lymphedema, and acute and chronic open wounds, including chronic diabetic foot ulcers.

How SoftWave® Works

These acoustic waves simulate pain or injury to the body, making your body believe that a traumatic incident has taken place, which stimulates the body’s self-healing abilities. The body’s growth factors are produced, new blood vessels are created, cell proliferation increases, nerves regenerate, and stem cells migrate to the area. Healthy new tissue is created in place of the old, damaged tissue.

The result is often a noticeable reduction in chronic pain, faster healing of wounds, improvements in erectile dysfunction, and more. With erectile dysfunction, it has shown to spur new blood vessel creation and new nerve production, which can improve erections. It has shown to create new lymph channels, improving severe cases of lymphedema. And SoftWave® Therapy has also successfully boosted the healing process of chronic wounds while healing acute wounds quicker as tissue regeneration occurs.

Since the OrthoGold 100™ employs pulses of acoustic energy to treat the abnormal area, if there is no active joint or muscle pain, there is rarely discomfort. Making treatment of erectile dysfunction, open wounds, scars, and common ailments relatively pain-free. 

Our highly trained OrthoGold 100™ clinicians will use some gentle pulses throughout the affected area. If the patient has muscle or joint pain, the shockwaves will help us locate the source of the pain and inflammation. For healthy tissue, you won’t feel a thing. When the pulse strikes injured or unhealthy muscle or bone, there will be a ping of discomfort, but it eases during the treatment.

Once the area with damaged tissue has been identified, additional pulses to areas of tissue damage are performed with varying intensities, increasing the efficacy of each treatment.

What Makes Acoustic SoftWave® Therapy Unique?

The TRT/MTS Softwave technology uses a patented parabolic reflector that delivers unfocused shockwaves that penetrate deeper into the body and cover a wider target area than focused shockwave machines. Therefore, this technology results in no or less pain, higher efficacy, and fewer treatments than the focused shockwave machines for most conditions.  The treatments do not require anesthesia as compared to most high energy focused shockwave machines. 

SoftWave® Therapy Is Safe & Non-Invasive

The OrthoGold 100™ SoftWave machine has been proven to be a safe, effective, non-invasive treatment option for a variety of medical conditions, in addition to acute and sub-acute pain problems. If you struggle with chronic, orthopedic pain, you may be a good candidate SoftWave Therapy.

SoftWave® Therapy May Provide Relief For:

  • Erectile Dysfunction
    Female Genital Pain
    Scar formation
    Lymphedema- post-mastectomy
    Acute & Chronic Wounds
    Chronic Diabetic Foot Ulcers
    Diabetic Neuropathy
    Orthopedic Injuries
    (Arthritis, Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, Shoulder Tendonitis, Lower Back Pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Neuropathy, Restless Leg Syndrome, & Tennis Elbow or Golf Elbow)

What To Expect

The first step in the process is meeting with a provider to ensure that you’re qualified for the procedure. Our doctors will also be glad to answer any questions you have about the treatments.

Treatment of medical issues may require multiple treatments over several months depending on the issue. These usually painless treatments follow a variety of protocols, which are evolving as more experience and research occurs.

Orthopedic treatments usually only require three treatments, each separated by a week. SoftWaves™ treatment may result in some pain or discomfort when treating an orthopedic injury, especially as the most injured area is first identified. This pain is fleeting and is actually evidence that the treatment is working as intended. Most patients report some immediate pain relief and improvement, which is a very good indicator of the ultimate success of the therapy, but not everyone does. The full benefit of the treatment won’t be apparent until the healing process is complete, which takes eight to twelve weeks. It is very important to avoid overuse shortly after SWT, because the immediate reduction of pain after SWT does not mean that the tissue has completely healed. It is expected that at least 80% of the patients become 100% pain free at 12 weeks, but this varies by the situation.

Post-Treatment Care

Following your treatment, it’s normal to feel a little tired. Some may want to give themselves a few hours to rest and relax, so you may want to plan on having someone drive you home, especially if it’s your first time. If you are being treated for an orthopedic cause, it is recommended that you avoid strenuous exercise for a few days after treatment and major competitive exercise for a month. Whatever a doctor has prescribed in the past, such as stretching and physical therapy, should be continued. There are no restrictions when treating non-orthopedic issues. Also, be sure to hydrate just as you might following a massage. Avoid anti-inflammatory medicines for a few days.

You may feel a tingling sensation in the treated area, which can last a few days. This is a positive sign. It shows that the treatment is having the intended effect.

Wait a full 12 weeks after your last treatment to evaluate outcomes as the biologic response is active during this entire 12 weeks.

Ready To Try SoftWave® Therapy?

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