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Regain your vitality and improve your life! Understanding stem cell therapies and infusion: Did you know your own tissues can be harvested and used to improve your skin’s appearance, help stimulate and awaken hair follicles, remove scars, and even improve sexual wellness? It’s true.

At Stem Cell Doctors of Beverly Hills, we wholeheartedly believe in the effects and impact of regenerative medicine. An exciting advancement in medicine, stem cell therapy allows an individual to improve his/hers own tissues by using naturally occurring cells that are found in their own bodies. Stem cells serve as a kind of internal repair system—and can be used in a variety of ways depending on the issues experienced by an individual. They divide practically without limit to replenish damaged cells, which results in improved looking skin, new hair growth, enhanced vitality, heightened sexual enjoyment , and so much more.

Ultimately, we are pleased to consult with you about how stem cell infusions can help you live a happier and more vibrant life without having to undergo painful surgeries or use medication. We offer the most revolutionary treatment methods that will allow you to look and feel your best.Take the next step in understanding stem cell infusions and schedule a consultation today.

How Can Stem Cells Help You Look and Feel Better?

Over the course of recent years, there has been a significant introduction of regenerative medicine techniques and stem cell therapy in which an individual’s own tissues can be used to improve the appearance of skin, regenerate hair, and even lead to enhanced sexual wellness and enjoyment.  Our own bodies have amazing healing cells and factors that can be utilized to repair our own tissues for curative, functional, and cosmetic improvement. This biocellular therapy is the use of stromal vascular fraction (SVF), which includes stem cells, and platelet rich plasma (PRP) for the regenerative process.

SVF includes adult stem cells, multiple other cell types, various growth factors, and a structural lattice that can either change into other types of cells or stimulate injured cells and tissues to heal.  These stem cells are in high concentrations in fat, which is easily obtained by minor liposuction under local anesthesia. They are then prepared for direct injection into diseased tissues or for intravenous injection throughout the body.

Platelets and plasma are in the blood and have many growth factors that stimulate tissue repair and healing.  Blood is routinely drawn and the PRP is obtained by separating the platelets and plasma from red and white blood cells.  When injected into abnormal tissues, the platelets release many chemical factors to stimulate healing.

Studies have shown that the combination of SVF stem cells) + PRP is more effective than using either alone.  Now this combination is used for other diseases, injuries, or even for cosmetic improvement.

Our knowledgeable and experienced physicians at Stem Cell Doctors of Beverly Hills offer treatments that feature both SVF and PRP. Both are reintroduced into the body through injection, micro-needling, or intravenous infusion that result in cosmetic enhancements, improved health and wellness, and augmented vitality.

Bio-cellular treatments using stem cells and PRP are commonly used for facial rejuvenation procedures as well as other areas of the body, such as the neck, hands, and décolletage.  SVF and PRP are used in hair regeneration to stimulate and maintain follicle growth. Male and female sexual function can be enhanced or restored with these modalities.

Scientific advancements allow your own body cells to be easily prepared, so you can heal yourself. All of the procedures are safe and are essentially painless with a quick recovery.

What are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are the body’s very own internal repair system. They are the foundation of development in living organisms. These undifferentiated cells help mend the body and heal tissue.

  • Stem cells have a unique set of properties that set them apart from other kinds of cells in the body.
  • Stem cells are unspecialized and can DEVELOP into different types of cells
  • Stem cells can REGENERATE to replace damaged cells
  • Stem cells can REPLICATE many times for long periods

What is Nanofat and Platelet Rich Plasma?

Combining stem cells and PRP stimulates the formation of new blood vessels and regenerates and improves damaged tissues. It can slow down and reverse signs of aging, combat hair loss and thinning, and even address sexual wellness issues faced by many men and women.

  • SVF is the combination of different adult cells with various growth factors and a structural framework.  It can be mechanically isolated for local injection or enzymatically purified for intravenous injection.
  • Nanofat is emulsified, liquefied fat that contains stem cells, growth factors, cytokines, and other substances that promote healing and regeneration. It can be introduced by local injection into tissues.
  • PRP is plasma containing a high concentration of platelets. It is obtained by a simple blood draw – it is easy and painless.  Plus, we use a higher platelet concentration than the usual PRP injection, which should make it more effective.

We use the latest technology to harvest the highest number of regenerative cells and growth factors from a small amount to adipose (fat) tissue. Stem cells (SVF) are not used to treat, diagnose, or cure any disease as a first-line treatment. However, SVF have the potential to treat a wide range of diseases. If a first-line therapy either fails to resolve the symptoms or produces intolerable side effects, you may then elect investigational modalities of treatments, such as stem cell (SVF) infusion therapy. The potential benefits of autologous stem cell infusion for eligible patients may include improvement in certain degenerative, autoimmune, cardiac, and inflammatory conditions.

We extract your cells, which are prepared and given back to you intravenously in under two hours. All protocols used in this process are within strict guidelines set forth by the Global Alliance of Regenerative Medicine USA (GARM Regenerative Medicine USA).  It is an internationally recognized organization in the field of regenerative medicine that approves both stem/stromal cell-based and bio cellular therapies for a number of health conditions.

What is the process of direct Stem Cell (SVF) Therapy?

Upon obtaining a small adipose “fat” aspiration, stem cells are extracted, concentrated and then given back to you by either an intravenous infusion or a direct injection into injured joints or other damaged areas.

Stem cell (SVF) infusions offer tremendous promise and can treat a wide range of medical conditions and injuries. These breakthrough approaches are cost-effective, safe, and non-invasive- and can lead to you realizing improved wellness and vitality.

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