Chronic Diabetic Foot Ulcer Treatment

Get relief from chronic diabetic foot ulcers using non-invasive, FDA-approved OrthoGold 100™ SoftWave® machine.

We now offer diabetic patients a new and effective way to treat chronic diabetic foot ulcers using the innovative, non-invasive OrthoGold 100™ SoftWave® machine. The FDA has approved the use of this machine for ulcers persisting over 30 days. If you have been suffering from persistent diabetic ulcers for more than 30 days, contact us today to discuss treatment options and see if you qualify.

What are Diabetic Foot Ulcers?

A diabetic foot ulcer is an open sore or wound that occurs in approximately 15% of patients with diabetes and commonly occurs on the bottom of the foot. They are most commonly caused by poor circulation, high-blood sugar levels, nerve damage, and irritated or wounded feet (like dry skin). If left untreated, foot ulceration can lead to serious infections and even amputation.

Treating Chronic Wounds with Acoustic Shockwaves

The OrthoGold 100™ is a pulsed acoustic wave device. It includes an electrically powered generator to produce transient compressed air that rapidly expands to create the acoustic waves, which in turn are propagated through a water-filled coupling membrane attached to the hand-held applicator. The hand-held applicator reflects the acoustic waves towards the treatment area through a silicone membrane and ultrasound transmission gel.

The FDA has recently OrthoGold 100™ for use to treat chronic, full-thickness diabetic foot ulcers. Some exclusions apply like wounds cannot be larger than 16 cm2 or present with bone exposure. It has been approved for patients aged 22 and up, diabetic foot ulcers greater than 30 days old, and for use in conjunction with standard diabetic care. However, any patient with an open wound or diabetic ulcer can be treated successfully with shockwaves.

Recent studies performed on 224 diabetic foot ulcers showed significant results in complete wound healing and reduction of wound area following treatment using the OrthoGold 100™, giving diabetic patients an excitingly effective alternative to chronic foot ulcer treatment with zero adverse side effects.

The SoftWave® treatment consists of holding the shockwave applicator on the ulcer foot for about 10-15 minutes per session. It employs pulses of acoustic energy to treat the abnormal area. If there is no active joint or muscle pain, there is rarely discomfort. Therefore, treatment of open wounds using the OrthoGold 100™ rarely produces any discomfort for the patient. The body responds by stimulating the healing process to the targeted area. A series of treatments are usually needed.

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