FemTouch™ Vaginal Resurfacing

An innovative vaginal resurfacing treatment that leverages the power of laser technology to improve vaginal and sexual wellness.

FemTouch™ vaginal resurfacing uses carbon dioxide (CO₂) laser energy to create new vaginal cells and to stimulate collagen production in the vaginal tissue. Collagen is a protein vital to skin health and support. When estrogen production decreases, skin and tissue may loosen and sag, and cell reproduction slows. This may make it difficult for the vagina to maintain optimal health and wellness. Women who are experiencing inflammation, chronic pain, and urinary incontinence may find this procedure effective in correcting their conditions.


The laser device is inserted into the vagina and emits laser energy into the tissue of the vaginal wall. This causes micro-injuries along the tissue. The body receives the signal that it has been injured and releases stem cells and healing factors to the site to repair the damage. Cells are replaced and collagen is produced, which improves the health of the surrounding skin and tissue. This painless procedure will take less than a half hour.

Recovery Time

There is little downtime required after the procedure. Some patients notice a warm sensation that lasts a short time. Dr. Alter can provide a hydrating gel that will help minimize discomfort. No intercourse is allowed for 72 hours.


Usually three or four treatments are performed, spaced four to six weeks apart. Results can be noticed after the initial treatment. This vaginal rejuvenation treatment  repairs and strengthens the tissue that lines the vaginal wall, leading to a tighter, thicker vaginal cavity. This results in a healthier vaginal wall with increased lubrication, elimination of tender areas, and probable improvement in urinary control.

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