STEMVage® Treatment

Biocellular (Stem Cell) Therapy for Sexual Wellness

For many women, vaginal tissues become dry, lax, itchy, and easily irritated due to aging and hormonal changes. This can lead to pain or discomfort during sex and less satisfying orgasms, making it difficult to maintain a strong, intimate relationship and taking a toll on your overall wellness. Some women even experience mild urine leakage due to childbirth and aging.

Stem Cell Center of Beverly Hills leverages the latest in biocellular regenerative therapy to address female sexual wellness issues with the STEMVagé treatment.

STEMVagé Injection

The STEMVagé protocol (biocellular therapy for vaginal rejuvenation) uses extracted stem cells and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injected into the G-spot, the area under the urethra, any tender or abnormal vaginal tissue, and adjacent to the clitoris in order to direct the body to heal and repair damage. Stem cells are extracted through minor liposuction; adipose (fat) tissue contains more stem cells than other areas of the body, providing ample amounts for the procedure. The PRP is collected through a routine blood draw. Both of these elements contain proteins and other growth factors necessary for physical health and vaginal rejuvenation.


The STEMVagé treatment is minimally invasive. Once the stem cells and the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) are obtained and prepared, the vaginal tissue is numbed. The stem cells and PRP are then prepared by strict protocols. The doctor injects the stem cells and PRP into the needed areas, where it will jumpstart the body’s natural healing processes. It takes less than an hour as an in-office, outpatient procedure. It is relatively painless as local anesthetic and nitrous oxide gas are used to make you feel as comfortable as possible.


Recovery is quick after STEMVage®. You can typically resume your daily activities once you leave the office. You should avoid tampon usage and sexual intercourse for three days. Some minor discomfort is common, though it should subside quickly.


Results will develop gradually as the vaginal tissue is repaired and rejuvenated. This should bring increased enjoyment during sex, more satisfying orgasms, improvement in urinary leakage, and an overall greater desire for intimacy.

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