Vaginal Rejuvenation & Female Sexual Wellness

Get relief from vaginal discomfort, irritation, dryness, pain, and urinary leakage—and take control of your sexual wellness.

At Stem Cell Doctors of Beverly Hills, we know that talking about female sexual wellness and vaginal rejuvenation procedures isn’t easy. But, we also know that if left unaddressed, these issues can severely impact the quality and happiness of your life. That’s why our entire team is dedicated to ensuring your utmost comfort as you begin your sexual wellness journey.

We promise you will always be treated with sensitivity, discretion, and respect from your initial consultation through your procedure and follow-up.

Female Sexual Wellness

Few things stay static and unchanged in life—and as women age, it’s not unusual to begin to experience an increase in physical discomfort in the genital area. Whether it’s due to childbirth or the general effects of aging or menopause, many women complain about vaginal pain or itchiness as well as irritation and pain during sex. However, you no longer must live a life that is less than pleasurable. Regenerative medicine has delivered innovative new tools that are proven to enhance and improve a woman’s vaginal health.

Our knowledgeable and experienced physicians at Stem Cell Doctors of Beverly Hills offer a variety of treatment options and procedures designed with the intimate and individual needs of our patients in mind. With over 25 years of experience in the field of female sexual wellness, we are uniquely qualified to help you regain pleasure during intimate moments, relieve pain and irritation, and heal and restore delicate vaginal tissue.

  • All our procedures focus on natural healing and utilize your body’s own tissues and cells in conjunction with mild anesthesia or liposuction.
  • The treatment options from Stem Cell Doctors of Beverly Hills are safe, require minimal downtime, and are relatively painless.   
  • Results are proven, and side effects are slight—we use your own body’s natural processes to enable healing and rejuvenation.

Advanced Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatments

The O-Shot and STEMVagé™ treatments heal and restore vaginal tissue through biocellular therapy, alleviating chronic areas of discomfort, pain, and more. Additionally, we use a higher platelet concentration than your typical PRP injections, making our treatments likely more effective.

  • O-Shot™  Beginning with a simple blood draw, our team obtains platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from your blood, which is a mixture of plasma and platelets that have combined healing factors. From there, we prepare the PRP to ensure certain healing and growth factors are present. Then, as the O-Shot, we inject the PRP directly into the G-spot, clitoris, and vagina, healing and restoring normal functions. This often results in better orgasms and lessens urinary leakage.
  • STEMVagé™  Going a step beyond the O-Shot, this procedure takes liquified fat with stem cells called nanofat and injects it into the vagina, G-Spot, and clitoris. The fat is obtained by minor liposuction and is emulsified by a special process that saves the stem cells for injection. These stem cells are undifferentiated cells that become specialized cells, thus healing damaged tissue. The nanofat can be combined with PRP to achieve a more potent rejuvenation.
  • FemTouch™ Vaginal Resurfacing  Using advanced laser technology, painless micro-injuries are created by emitting energy into the vaginal lining. This stimulates the body’s healing response and often results in the elimination of sexual pain, an increase in lubrication, and possible tightening and improved urinary control. (3-4 treatments are recommended.)
  • STEMVagé™+  Combining FemTouch™ vaginal resurfacing and the STEMVagé™ treatment, this option offers a comprehensive and robust approach to achieving the best in vaginal rejuvenation. Laser can also be combined with the O-Shot™.

We’re Dedicated To Your Wellness

All women are entitled to live life on their own terms—realizing sexual fulfillment, vibrancy, and happiness. We strive to provide the safest and most effective female sexual wellness treatments and vaginal procedures available today. Dedicated to innovation, clinical advancements, and best-in-class research, our team is proudly associated with a number of professional organizations with the most stringent membership requirements. And we guarantee conformity and adherence to strict national standards related to equipment, credentialing, and safety.

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