About Zena DelVecchio

A seasoned healthcare professional with both administrative and clinical experience, Zena serves as the Plastic Surgery Consultant and the Chief Financial Officer of the Stem Cell Center.

Zena DelVecchio

Chief Operating Officer

Zena has held these roles since 1997, and before that spent 15 years running the busy surgical practice of Stanley P. Frileck in Brentwood, CA, where her duties included everything from suture removal and tissue expansions to patient consultations. An advocate for hands-on patient care, Zena loves walking individuals through the ins and outs of their chosen procedures while also providing robust, reliable support to doctors, nurses, and other clinicians.

In her current role, Zena handles all day-to-day operations for Dr. Alter as well as for The Stem Cell Center. She’s in charge of patient scheduling at the surgical center, and her duties also encompass patient in-take, out-take, and follow-up. She is a trusted patient advocate and advisor.

As the CFO of both facilities, Zena has her hands on all aspects of daily financial management and long-term financial planning, and she is also tasked with marketing The Stem Cell Center.

Zena plays an important role in coordinating donations to The Stem Cell Center, and in maintaining all the proper channels for effective donor outreach. Her experience also encompasses conducting various clinical trials for “Merck Sharp & Dohme Research Labs,” including double blind trials with patients for new drugs; placebo/drug interaction tests; and pursuing FDA approval for new treatments. All of this is valuable background for her leading the research arm of The Stem Cell Center.

Still, one of the things she loves most is getting to know patients and their families. She counsels, educates, and informs patients about the treatment options available to them, helping them feel peace of mind about the clinical options before them. Zena’s ultimate goal is to ensure that each patient has a satisfying experience.

More broadly, she is Dr. Alter’s third arm, the behind-the-scenes person who keeps the facilities up and running as efficiently as possible, day in and day out. It’s her role to provide physicians with all the resources and services they need to care for their patients—and of course, that’s everyone’s ultimate goal and mission.

Zena is an invaluable member of The Stem Cell Center, and her daily contributions are vital for maintaining high standards of patient care.


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