How Erectile Dysfunction Affects Millions of Men

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Statistics indicate that millions of men struggle with the effects of erectile dysfunction every year. It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact number because of the nature of this condition—most men are embarrassed to admit they deal with this common type of sexual dysfunction. They typically tie their inability to get or maintain an erection with their identity and self-worth.

How Many Men Have Erectile Dysfunction?

The numbers are all over the place when it comes to ED statistics. Here are just a few of the reports from the past few decades.

Regardless of the inability to accurately assess the exact number, it’s clear that ED is a very common condition, and you are not alone in dealing with it.

Age and ED

Contrary to popular opinion, young men can also suffer from ED. About 26 percent of men under 40 years of age admit experiencing impotence. For younger men, between 20 and 29 years of age, some studies indicate that the rate is a bit less than one in 10 men.

The general statistical estimate is that the impotence rate correlates with the decade of life. For example, 40 percent of men in their 40s have ED, and 50 percent of those in their 50s experience it.

How Does Erectile Dysfunction Impact Daily Life?

ED has far-reaching effects that make a difference in men’s lives every day—from psychological concerns to relationship issues. Depression and self-esteem problems are common among sufferers. Plus, the inability to sustain a satisfying physical relationship with their partners often leads to difficulties. Infertility is a typical concern, as well as distance due to a lack of intimacy.

There’s also a correlation between poor cardiovascular health and impotence. The American Heart Association reported in 2018 that men with this form of sexual dysfunction have two times the number of strokes and heart attacks than men who don’t suffer from ED.

With the many ways that ED can lessen the enjoyment of life, it’s important to note that this condition is treatable and reversible.

Numerous treatments can help reduce the instances of ED. The solutions range from painless low-intensity shockwave therapy (SWT) to pills to shots. Studies are being done with umbilical stem cell therapy and platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy.

Interested in Learning How You Can Avoid ED?

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