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Cellsthetics™ Rejuvenation with Stem Cells

Let’s face it. Aging, sun exposure, and environmental and lifestyle factors take a heavy toll on the face and neck. Whether it’s loss of skin elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles, sagginess, jowl formation, lax neck skin, decreased facial volume, increased pigmentation, and so on. There are effective surgical procedures for facial rejuvenation, but they often involve major surgery. We’re talking anesthesia, potentially serious complications, and prolonged recovery. And let’s not forget the costly fees associated with such procedures. Many of us, rather than risk surgery or accruing huge medical bills, resolve ourselves to living with these imperfections. But now we don’t have to… Cellsthetics™ is a game-changer.

You Can Turn Back Time, Baby

Thanks to incredible advances in regenerative medicine, achieving skin rejuvenation and removing years off your face and body is possible by noninvasive alternatives that won’t break the bank. At Stem Cell Doctors of Beverly Hills, we have created Cellsthetics™ Rejuvenation with Stem Cells, a highly individualized treatment option that can help restore your radiant, youthful glow through noninvasive stem cell therapies. 

These innovative treatments can be performed on the face, hands, neck, décolletage, or body. They help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, heal abnormal tissues, heal scars, adds volume, evens skin tone, and more.

The Glows Starts From Within

Did you know, your body contains cells and growth factors that have the power to regenerate and heal tissues, thereby effectively reversing the effects of aging. Seriously, it does. Stem cells, which are found throughout your body, have the ability to heal and can even stimulate other cells to heal. That basically means stem cells can replace and repair damaged tissues. More recently, other types of cells and growth factors, like cytokinin, have been shown to further enhance healing and jumpstart skin rejuvenation.

How Does It Work?

Rejuvenation starts with a fat extraction via minor liposuction. We offer both local anesthesia and nitrous oxide gas to ensure you remain comfortable throughout the extraction process. We then process the extracted fatty tissue as stromal vascular fraction (SVF) or nanoft depending on your treatment plan. If you require added volume, extracted fat called microfat, which is non-emulsified, unprocessed fat can also be prepared for injection. In addition, platelet rich plasma (PRP) is extracted through a routine blood draw and may then be injected into the body along with the stem cells. We also offer Umbilical cord stem cell therapy, which contains purified and tested stem cell exosomes and growth factors from the Wharton’s jelly of newborn umbilical cords.

Depending on your needs and goals, Cellsthetics™ face and body rejuvenation treatments can be custom tailored to ensure you get the results you desire. Be it a plumper face, more even skin tone, younger looking hands, or more youthful décolletage—rest assure that your dreams of a achieving a younger, more vibrant you can be a reality.

Effective, Outpatient Treatments With Minimal Downtime

Cellsthetics™ treatments are performed on an outpatient basis without the need for general anesthesia. However, local anesthesia and safe nitrous oxide gas are available to you as an option to ensure you are comfortable throughout the procedure. Best of all, you will be able to return home the same day as your treatment and resume your normal daily life immediately or within a couple of days.

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