New Anti-Aging Alternatives Through Stem Cell Rejuvenation

There isn’t a person on the planet who will not be faced with aging, it’s simply a part of life.  And while it’s true that it is vastly discouraging to begin to see the signs of time settle on your face or body in the form of wrinkles, sagging skin, loss of elasticity, or sun damage, there is also good news.  You don’t have to deal with it or fear it—and you certainly no longer have to go “under the knife” via painful, aggressive, and expensive surgeries to correct it.

Regenerative medicine stands to be recognized as a relatively new as well as a very exciting and innovative advancement within the field of medicine. Depending heavily on the use of stem cells, regenerative medicine focuses on replacing, restoring, and thereby improving one’s one tissues to realize relief from chronic issues and diseases, as well as achieve cosmetic improvement.

New Anti-Aging Alternatives Through Stem Cell Rejuvenation


What are Stem Cells?

Known in the medical community as important “building blocks” of our bodies, stem cells are unique because they have the capability of evolving, morphing, adapting, and even duplicating themselves into other types of cells.  Ultimately, stem cells offer the very foundation of regeneration within each of our bodies and seemingly unlimited potential in this regard.

What do we mean by that?  Well, to break it down into layman’s terms, stem cells tend to exist in a dormant state, usually within fat cells as well as other places, like bone marrow.  When damage occurs anywhere in the body, proteins called cytokines, which make up our immune system, will send a signal to the stem cells, triggering them to action and waking them up, so to speak.  From here, damaged areas of the body will be sought out by the cells and they will change into the type of cell needed in order to help the body heal.

Stem cells, in essence, are recognized as a key component in effectively achieving skin and tissue regeneration—amongst so much more.

How do Stem Cells Work in New Anti-Aging Treatments? And How Is It Different from Plastic Surgery?

Unlike traditional plastic surgery, which focuses on improving or changing a person’s exterior and does not address the cause of skin problems, anti-aging treatments utilizing stem cells actually focus on transplanting one’s own cells on targeted areas where cosmetic enhancement is needed. Treatments ultimately center on replenishing the body through concentrated stem cell injections to improve the overall health and wellness of organs—the largest of which is your skin.

What’s more is that unlike traditional plastic surgery, which relies on invasive, costly procedures that result in long recovery times, anti-aging stem cell treatments offer a natural approach.  Because the treatment uses your own blood and tissue, it is considered a natural alternative to plastic surgery—and this also means that downtime is reduced. In fact, after many anti-aging stem cell treatments, many of which are conducted on an outpatient basis at Stem Cell Doctors of Beverly Hills, patients are able to return to their normal routines within days, if not immediately.

What Types of Issues Can Anti-Aging Stem Cell Treatments Address?

Truly, the possibilities are endless here.  But for the point of this article, let’s consider the cosmetic.  Anti-aging stem cell treatments are effective on the face, neck, body, scalp/hair, and hands. They can help reduce and eliminate wrinkling while also minimizing abnormal pigmentation and rejuvenating the skin.  The treatments can be used to restore youthful fat, especially in the face and hands, where hollowing or sunken-ness can occur as a sign of aging. These treatments can be used in correcting sun and acne damage and can even be used to stimulate sleeping hair follicles to reawaken and grow, thereby addressing hair loss and thinning.

Another point worth mentioning is that stem cell rejuvenation can be used in a more intimate manner by women who are suffering from female sexual wellness issues.  Indeed, these treatments can help address common side effects of childbirth, menopause, and much more.

And this is all just the tip of the iceberg—there is so much to be learned and discovered about the benefits of anti-aging stem cell treatments.  If you are feeling troubled by signs of age on your face or body, or simply want to address skin damage or minimize the appearance of scars or other issues, set up a consultation today with Stem Cell Doctors of Beverly Hills to learn more about the treatment methods that could be available for you.  We will discuss your concerns one-on-one, and our talented team will devise a strategy made just for you. Contact us today!

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